Marriage and Couples Counseling


It is a hard thing for an individual, couple, or family to admit that they may need help dealing with an aspect of their life.  It’s even harder to approach someone outside of your friends or family for help.  Let me offer you a professional and unbiased hand.  You’ll be surprised at how much an outside perspective can truly help.

Marriage and Couples Counseling:

Marriage and Family CounselingSharing a life together can be difficult even in the best of relationships. Admitting there is a problem or room for improvement and seeking professional help is the beginning of positive change. Whether a couple is dealing with stress, communication problems, differences in parenting styles, difficult in-laws, breakdowns in trust, or other issues, solutions are available. I work with each couple to determine their specific problem areas and devise a plan of action. Even if only one person in the couple is willing to participate in counseling, the relationship can still grow and improve. Many times individual counseling is used in conjunction with marriage or couples counseling to help people gain greater clarity and work through personal issues that may be affecting their relationship.

In addition to the presenting problem, I often address other areas that may be causing tension or instability in the relationship, such as differences in marital expectations and family history, career pressures, and financial conflicts. My approach is solution-focused and aims, above all, to reduce anger and defensiveness between partners and increase their appreciation, respect, and openness with each other.


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