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It is a hard thing for an individual, couple, or family to admit that they may need help dealing with an aspect of their life.  It’s even harder to approach someone outside of your friends or family for help.  Let me offer you a professional and unbiased hand.  You’ll be surprised at how much an outside perspective can truly help.

Adolescent Counseling:

Adolescent CounselingAdolescence is a period of tremendous physical, emotional, and social change as children go through the process of learning how to be adults. Teenagers are trying to discover who they are, how to handle many different situations, and how to define themselves in an increasingly complex world. Communication between adolescents and their parents is crucial at this time in their lives. Although their behavior may scream, “I want to be left alone,” adolescents want to be understood and still need the support and structure their parents can offer.

My approach focuses on listening to both the adolescent and parent describe where they are experiencing problems. In addition, I work on giving adolescents effective communication skills to help them navigate through life with adults as well as peers. Often teenagers get angry or shut down because they do not know how to express themselves. In therapy, they have an opportunity to express their feelings in a relaxed environment that encourages respect and understanding. They also have an opportunity to learn new skills in such areas as anger management, assertiveness, boundary setting, resisting peer pressure, and setting academic or other goals.

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